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Joe Hard

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I am new here and glad to be a member, it seems that this forum is also fairly new and I hope being from the east will not affect anything.

There is some real cool spots to fish here Fresh and Salt and if any one is Interested in comming here I would be more than happy to show you arround.

Where I live Is fairly close to the Minas Basin,10 minute drive tops.There are all kinds of species to fish for; Huge Strippers,Sturgeon,Hallibut,Haddock,Flounder ect.

The Minas Basin is where the worlds highest and lowest tides occur.It has to be seen to realy uderstand. The tide goes out over 2&1/2 miles in some spots.When it comes in, there is more water pressure and volume than what is going over Niagra Falls.

Most of the rivers that feed into the Basin are tidal rivers.They will be flowing into the basin,but at high tide the salt water will push up these rivers and change there direction of flow,or just flood them and stop to a dead stand still.Most of these rivers are full of big Brown, Speckeld and Rainbow Trout.There are a few remaing Salmon (Atlantic) runs.Many lakes full of Trout and Bass and Chain Pickerel.There are no Pike, Musky,Walleye or Largemouth.

Once you Hook into a Large Stripper you will be "hooked" yourself.

Keep this in mind because I would love to go on a float down the Bow within a year or two.

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Thanks for the invite Dayrn


Next time I'm on the East cost, I may get time to make a trip out to see you. It would be an experience to hit some of those species, and with you as a guide, that would be nice. If you need some company on the bow, just ask. We'll need a bus to get everyone there. :boat:

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