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Just surfing the net and found another forum to register on.


I live in New England (Connecticut, dont hold it against me) and work as a Sr Structural desinger on submarines.


I have been fly fishing and tying for about 24 years. Got started in Colorado when I was working out the for an aerospace company. Fished some of the best trout rivers the west had to offer.


Single. No kids. Independent. Can do what I want when I want. :)





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Where are you from? UK? Elsewhere?


I did live in the UK last year for 2 1/2 months working at BAE Systems in Barrow in Furness. I brought some fly fishing equipment with me and fished some of the local tarns and reservoirs with success. I would love to go back and fish in Wales.






Llama Leach,


Ive been to Canada once in my life. (I am Frecnh Canadian) Montreal back in the 70's. Any trout fishing in Nova Scotia? Or is it all Salmon?

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Heh heh.. I work for Sobeys West as a Systems Engineer, and our head office is in Stellarton, NS. Also.. the place where Keiths comes from.


There looks to be some nice waters out there to fish.. and one day I hope to get back that way again.


Good to see some strangers from "a far" coming on to the board. Indeed the "web heads" have got quite a site together for us to bring such a draw.



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