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May 19 ZOOM meeting: new speaker

Michael Dell

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Brian Charles from the Raven Brood Station had to cancel, so we thank Florin Sabac for stepping in to tie some fly patterns for us. 

Florin will be tying 3 patterns.

Stimulator Green Drake

Hook: #10-12 Daiichi 1260 or TMC 2312

Thread: 6/0 or 8/0 Uni Olive dun

Tail: Deer hair dyed grey or olive

Rib: Fine gold wire or tinsel

Hackle: Olive dyed grizzly

Abdomen: olive dubbing

Wing: Same material as tail

Thorax: Same as abdomen

Comment: One hackle for the abdomen, ribbed for reinforcement; one hackle for the thorax. Keep the wing back and butt against abdomen drop-off to stand well. Given as variant for the Stimulator in Charlie Craven's book.

March Brown wet fly

Hook: #10-16 Daiichi 1550, Mustad 3906, or similar

Thread: 8/0 Uni hot orange

Tail: Partridge fibres from a large body feather or tail

Rib: Gold wire fine

Body: Gold mylar size to match hook (#12-14 for most flies)

Hackle: Partridge soft hackle

Wing: Partridge tail or secondary wing feather from hen Pheasant

Comment: You can vary the body/rib combination to give a different character to the fly: silver mylar/wire; hare's ear/krystal flash; or use dyed Partridge.

This is a variation of the Silver March Brown shown in Mike Harding's book, North Country Flies.

General Fry Imitation

Hook: #4 to #6 Low water Salmon (or #8 - #10 saltwater)

Thread: 6/0 Uni black

Tail: Small pale orange-red feather or hackle fibres

Rib: Silver wire

Body: Flat silver tinsel/Mylar

Throat: Small red hackle

Wing: Mixed (not layered) Polar Bear Yellow+Orange+Blue+Green+Natural

Comment:  A Haig-Brown pattern from Art Lingren’s Book, Fly Patterns of British Columbia  Substitute white polar bear underwing topped with krystal flash, mixed colour.

Florins 3 flies May 19.jpg


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