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When you want to "install" a hyperlink, just typr the address into your message with the http:// in front of it. It will translate to




If you want to add a link with a text that is different from the address, click the http:// button abouve the text entry area. It will pop up two boxes. The first box will prompt you for the web address or URL. Make sure to include the http:// portion of the address. After you have entered your address, click OK. You will then be prompted for a title / description. This is the text that will be displayed with the Hyperlink. It wil translate to


NLFT - Our Club Home Page


I hope this helps you out a bit Paul. :rolleyes:


We still need to do a demo of the forum at the club one night. :dr:

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If you guys have a proxima, I'll bring in my laptop with my 1XRTT wireless card and help demo the site.



That would be cool. I don't have access to a projector anymore, but I'm sure that Scratch would be able to sneek one from somewhere. ;)


We were planning on doing something like that before, but the planning fell through.

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