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ZOOM meetings for March 2021

Michael Dell

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March is a special month with 5 Wednesdays, so we have programs on the first, third and fifth Wednesday, and Tie and Talk meetings on the second and fourth Wednesday.  

Everyone is welcome to attend.  

March 3, 2021 Our guest speaker is Mike Sullivan from AEP.  Mike will tell some stories.  He is the Fisheries Scientist with Fish and Wildlife Policy Branch for Alberta Environment and Parks.

March 10.  Tie and talk meeting.  No program. 

March 17.  Don Andersen will share some tips from his 50+ years of fly tying.  Don is an avid angler who spends 150+ days on the water each year, and makes cane rods in the winter.  

March 24.  Tie and talk meeting.

March 31.  Al and Gretchen Beatty return with a program on the Wonder Wing.  Like their previous two programs for us, we can expect this to be full of tips to make your tying more efficient.  



All our meetings start at 7 pm.  Instructions for joining our Zoom can be found at http://www.nlft.org/Zoom

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Good evening, this is regarding a former fly tyer, my father.  He passed away 6 yearsa ago, and we are looking to donate all the fly tying equipement, supplies, gear, etc. to someone that can make use of it.   Would your group be interested? If so, please call me at 780-237-8991. Thanks for your your time.

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