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What fly would you choose?


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At Muir Lake there are 8 signs on the natural food sources for trout. Each sign describes the characteristics and life cycle of a particular species and provides suggestions for fly and spin fishing techniques to imitate that species. The signs include images of flies that represent the food item in each of its life stages.

These signs are showing the effects of time and weather since they were installed in about 2003 and need updating and replacing. Northern Lights, with the support of the Edmonton Oldtimers Fishing Club, has started work on the replacements. We plan to submit a grant request to cover the costs. The signs will include images of flies that best imitate each food item. We’ll do the photography to ensure consistency and resolution but we need your help in deciding which patterns to show. There are a number of factors that would affect your choice when you’re on the water but we’re limited to one or two flies for each life stage on the signs.

With Muir Lake in mind what one (two at the most) fly pattern would you recommend that we use to represent each or any of the following:


Dragonfly nymph gomphus

         “          “          darner

Damselfly nymph

Chironomid larva

    "        pupa

    "        adult

Minnows - Fathead Minnow

                -Brook Stickleback

Mayfly Larva




Caddis Larva





Water Boatmen


Spin fishing tactics to represent these food items often involve hanging a fly under a bobber. However, if there are other spin strategies/lures that you know to be effective and think we should mention or picture on the signs please let us know.

Please send your recommendations to nlft.tu@gmail.com or post them on the forum. Ask your fishing buddies to do likewise. If you’re willing to provide a sample of any pattern you recommend please let us know that too.

Thanks for your help.

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Some suggestions from the Flies For Alberta book, and some others,

Scuds (Scud Missile)

Dragonfly nymph, gomphus (Sulphur Dragon)

Dragonfly nymph, darner (Alexander Special, TU Special)

Damselfly nymph (Kara Damsel, '52 Buick)

Chironomid larva (Swimming San Juan)

Minnows, Fathead Minnow (Blue Carey, Carey Special)

Minnows, Brook Stickleback (Kilburn Killer)

Caddis Larva (Zug Bug)

Leeches (Woolly Bugger)


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With the size that some of the Miur fish are getting a good minnow pattern or leech pattern would be the ticket. 

I am tying up a Snake pattern on the Jan. 20th zoom  meeting that would be a go to for sure.  (in black or olive)

Dragon Trollers Kilburn Killer would be a good one along with a black Doc Spratley

also would try some Kreelex minnows (Gun Metal & Pearlesent)

Then a 52 Buick and in the fall wouldn't be without out a good back swimmer (floating and sinking)

last but not least my llama leech olive with red bead size 12 only size I  use (deadly)


Tight lines always 

Dennis S

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