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The Beer Makes The Man


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In honor of poor Alex whom got shutdown (carded) at the Runway tonight... just three hours before legal age.


The Beer Makes The Man

Is The Legal Drinking Age Important, You Better Beer-lieve It


Source: http://www.thetoque.net/041019/legalage.htm


IN A TYPICAL CANADIAN HOME-- Today was Brian's 18th birthday. And Martin, his father, was thrilled that his first-born son, the pride of his life, was officially of legal drinking age (in Canada). For you see, Brian, having attained the age of majority, was now able to partake of a beer with his "old man." Since time eternal, this had been a rich, Canadian tradition.

canadian beer


Posted Image

Every fridge should have at least one of these beers.


Martin had looked forward to this special day, this rite of manhood, with great anticipation. He had purchased a traditional case of Molson Canadian beer for his son and his grand occasion, this celebration of ascension into adult society. Martin had hoped that Brian would hang out and watch the "game" with his dear-old-dad, swilling back the "nectar of the gods," just like his father had done with him, and his father before him. It was a family custom. It was an important part of Canadian culture.


When the evening came, Martin was in the living room, and the Hockey Night In Canada broadcast was about to start. Brian went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator where Martin had put the 12-pack. The beer would be perfect, as it was left to chill for several hours beforehand.


Martin listened intently and soon heard the oh-so-familiar bottle rattling (so common to beer drinkers), and then the soothing noise of a beer cap being gently popped off the bottle--like an angel passing wind.


Martin, barely able to contain his excitement, peeked around the doorway for a glimpse into the kitchen. There he saw Brian raising a bottle--his first legal bottle--of beer to his lips. At that moment, Martin wiped away a small tear, and thought to himself: "Yes, this is a good day to be a father."


A moment later, Brian wandered in to the living room, with the bottle grasped firmly in his right hand. However, Brian approached Martin with a very concerned look on his face, a look a son gives his father when he is looking for advice, perhaps about girls, cars, or power tools. It didn't matter because Martin was ready to counsel his son on whatever matter his boy, no, man! had on his mind.


But then, strangely, Brian slowly reached out his beer bottle to his father and asked: "Dad? Can you finish this for me? I don't really like the taste."


"Nooooooo!" cried Martin, falling to his knees as if a large shard of brown glass has stabbed into his heart! "You are not my son!"


NEXT MEETING.... you are legal my boy. I ALREADY warned the waitress we're gonna get you good and wasted to the point of puking on her bar (for payback). I'm also gonna have to slip you a few "Dancing Aligator" brews that "messed up" Scratch on his last Birthday too.








PS - You shoulda said you were residing in Newfloundland.. and were just back visiting the folks out west... there's a 3 1/2 hour time zone difference yah know. Soon you will be a man, and learn these loopholes.

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Thanks guys!

Yeah it did kinda suck to sit at timy's alone for a little while, but sippin' on a double double is almost as good as a beer :beer: . I'll pass on the puking though Ranger Bob, :barf: those "Dancing Alligators" will go down and stay there ! im young blood i can hold fort ! :D Seeya all at the runway!

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Hope we see you at Flies 'N' Beer :drinked: when it starts up again as well. Happy Birthday Alex :happybd: , hope it's a good one!


Cheers :cheers:


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Try telling that to my buddy who on Grad weekend decided the fire pit was his friend, and so in all his intoxicated glory jumped in. Can anyone spell 2nd degree burns and scarring for life? LMAO, what a maroon.

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No, jumping in the pit is just plain moronic.. especially in one of my fires. That'd be 1st degree or instant certain death.


I have no doubt about that RB. Here's another one, same Grad weekend, same friend, same amount of alcohol consumption, and a fire place in the backyard. What does that equal? A kid trying to make a flamethrower with his mouth by spitting the hard stuff into its flames. Lucky for him the party supervisors pulled him away before tragedy befell him. Alas, no one was there to save him from when he jumped in the fire pit.

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