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Last chance!


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Unfortunately the Covid pandemic has made it impossible for us to hold our annual dinner/auction as originally scheduled on November 7th thIs year.  However, there is still a chance for you to become the proud owner of a 7’ 6 3/4 weight cane rod  with two tips, built on a Payne 98 taper, retailing at $1,350, built and donated by internationally known rod maker, Don Andersen, http://bamboorods.ca/ . The draw will be held at 7:30pm on Nov 7th  at the planned location for our dinner/auction, front door, Kenilworth Community Hall. You don't need to be there to collect your prize if you're the lucky winner. We will arrange to get the rod to you.

However, you do need to make sure you have a good chance of being the owner of that rod, of being able to spend the winter thinking of the angling possibilities it will bring you, of using it to cast accurately and delicately to rising trout. All you need to do is go online no later than Nov 6  at https://northern-lights-tuc.square.site/…/cane-rod-raffl…/8…  to buy raffle tickets that will increase the odds in your favour. They're just $5 each, or even better 5 for $20.  Our AGLC Raffle license: #513791 will only let us sell tickets to you if you're an Alberta resident 18 years of age or older but, if you are, this is your LAST CHANCE.

And there's another benefit even if you don't win the rod. You can feel reassured that by entering the raffle or by buying a few additional tickets every penny is invested in the fishery enhancement and education projects for which the Northern Lights Chapter of TUC is famed but for which it is unable to raise money this year from its annual auction:

·         work towards the reestablishment of a viable Arctic Grayling population, particularly in the upper Pembina river

·         the reestablishment of Hasse Lake in Parkland County as a trout fishery;

·         riparian protection with angler access points along Stauffer Creek, the Raven River and Dogpound Creek;

·         replacing damaged educational and Alberta Angler Walk of Fame signage at Muir Lake

·         providing public fishing and conservation education

.        providing kids fly tying sessions at schools, youth groups, Uncles at Large etc. 

Thanks to all who have and who will support us in this work!



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