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Virtual meetings?


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With provincial and national parks closed and the overall recommendation to stay home or close enough many of us may not be fishing as much as we would like.

Is there any interest in some kind of online get together? It is not the best, but better than not. Zoom is an option (RASC has a premium account so they can have more people, maybe we could do the same) but there are other alternatives. We can certainly do some tying-along, a show and tell on what we are tying now, or a round table on some other topic. If anyone had a presentation ready to go, that can also be done online.

Any thoughts?

I attach some pictures from last year....things that I could not do this year.


victoria hooded merganser female.jpg

athabasca bull trout.jpg

Crowsnest rainbow 2019.jpg

fishing on the athabasca.jpg

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I will schedule a Zoom meeting for Wednesday April 22 at 7:30pm.   We'll update you on the status of club activities and some of the work that is still planned.  Additionally, we will have a round table discussion where members can talk about fishing related things they've been doing since we started isolating.

Zoom works on a desktop computer or laptop that has a microphone and speakers,  Apple phones and ipads, Android phones and tablets.  It is best to install the 'zoom cloud meetings' app, but you don't need to sign up or even supply email address to join the meetings.

Please send an email to videomeeting@nlft.org, and we'll reply with the meeting ID and password.   I will set up a practice meeting on Monday April 21 if you want to test your software setup (recommended if you haven't used zoom before).

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