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Edmonton Boat and Sportsmen's Show NLFF tying booth

Michael Dell

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Given the current COVID-19 virus situation, we wanted to send out some info to ensure we have a successful event. We are going ahead with the event, and are asking anyone that may pose a risk to not come, otherwise, you are all very welcome and we look forward to seeing you!

To determine if you are a risk to others PLEASE READ:

These key points are taken from the Alberta Health link  https://www.alberta.ca/coronavirus-info-for-albertans.aspx and some comments have been added, relevant to our situation:

Risk:  As of today, Albertans risk is low.
1. Have you traveled in the last 2 weeks?   DO NOT COME if:
a) IF you have been on/at: Grand Princess Cruise, Iran or China's Hubei province in the last 14 days, DO NOT COME (and according to Alberta Health, isolate yourself for two weeks, even if you are feeling well and call Health Link 811).
b) IF you have travelled anywhere outside of Canada and experienced any of the following:  you had contact with someone who was suspected or confirmed to have the novel coronavirus OR were in a health-care facility in an affected country OR have symptoms, such as cough or fever, then DO NOT COME.

2. If you MIGHT be ill from COVID-19 for any other reason:    DO NOT COME (pretty simple-stay at home, and call 811).  If you've been asked to self-isolate by Alberta Health, please follow their instructions, even if you have no symptoms.

Assuming no one with those risk factors will be attending, then we'll focus on good hygiene:

The main prevention is really all about good hygiene:  (i.e: wash your hands upon arrival and at  breaks, we'll have cleaning material at the tables)].  Please remember to cover your mouth if you cough or sneeze (and not with your hand) (after all, it is cold and flu season, and no one wants those bugs either).


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