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June Meetings

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All meetings start at 7:00pm at Queen Mary Park Community Hall on 117St and 108 Ave. Everyone welcome No charge and no membership required to attend meetings.


June 5th - short business meeting followed by a roundtable discussion/information sharing session on what you wear and what you take when fishing a stream. Do you 'avoid the use of felt-soled boots' as requested in the Regulations and if so what do you recommend instead; is there a particular brand of waders you would recommend and why; wading stick? belt? - what else do you wear or attach?; Any safety tips?

avoid use of felt soled boots


June 12th - Annual year-end BARBEQUE.  Burgers/Hotdogs/Pop (sorry, we don't have a liquor licence). Possibility of a ministerial guest who would like to meet us and chat about fishing unless there's an evening session of the legislature called.




Next Meeting SEPT 18 - HAVE A GREAT SUMMER AND BE CAREFUL OUT THERE.  Meanwhile check the forum for fishing trips/ news etc and please consider posting some information on your fishing trips.

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Re:  BBQ There was a suggestion from the fly line round table to bring out your fly lines to BBQ to test drive different brands and weights.   I will have a 4 wt. DT 406 line to test out  as well as a 5 wt Royal Wulff Bamboo fly line (long belly) and 7 wt line SA MPX Wavelength from the discontinued bin.  It would be a great opportunity to find out what fits your rod and casting style.

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