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Muir Lake Clean-Up And Fish


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Saturday, May 4th 10:00am to 2:00pm - as long as the ice is off!! The plan is to clean up garbage around the lake and parking lot, barbeque a few hot dogs and go fishing. If you'd like to join us just come on out - maybe let someone on the executive know so we can make sure we have enough hot dogs and buns. 

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It was a good day.  Short because there was not as much garbage to pick up this year, and because we had a great turnout of volunteers.  13 or 14 of us by my count. 


Thanks to Dan for organizing the day and being the masterchef on the BBQ.  Thanks to Karen for bringing the food. 


Thanks to everyone who scoured the lakeshore and parking lot for garbage.  Thanks to Barry White and those who helped him drag the deer that was stinking up the launch site up to the parking lot for the county to pick up.


Thanks to Barry who took some group photos which will make their way here someday.


After lunch most of us went fishing.  Trout were caught.  Some of us were lucky enough to catch the holdovers.  Some of us had to be content with catching the just stocked 6-8 inchers.


The most persistent angler was Karen who was still catching fish from the pier after I loaded up my boat and left.

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