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Reading Fishlover’s excellent article, I’m amazed just how many different fly lines exist and my favorite brand (Cortland) is not listed.

A few words about Cortland :- Founded in 1915 in Cortland, NY, bought by Aero Flow Dynamics in 1959, still in Cortland and still using the Cortland name. Today they make all kinds of lines including 48 freshwater lines. Website is :- https://www.cortlandline.com/collections/freshwater-fly-line

I have fished Cortland since 1961 and I would rate my experience as excellent. The deleterious affect of standing on the line in sand on the floor of the boat on fly line has caused me to replace my lines but even with this abuse the finish has lasted very well.

As an add-on, here is another link to a good article on fly lines


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