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Hi Peter,

I was hoping to get some informed responses to joining a fly line to a long leader. I don't like loop to loop and I have always used a nail knot. What I don't like is the bang bang through the eyes of even a neat knot when a big fish makes a last run. I'm sure you are familiar with the Loon Outdoors system. Would it work?. Below is a link to a newer system from Bondic. I feel that a fused link would be less bulky. Side by side? How long? Etc, etc.

Best regards.



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I've used the connection below for part of season once




It was some what difficult to to rig up. The big draw back was if you tangled up your leader and wanted to replace instead of untangling it you lose a lot of fishing time.   It felt great going through the guides

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Have used that system for about 15 years now and never had a problem with it. I insert the eye end of a regular sewing needle up the core of the fly line about 0.75 of an inch. thread leader and pull through close to the end, roughen the last 0.75" with sandpaper, apply Zap a Gap and finish - basically as shown in the 'limpcobra' video. No bumps when pulling through the guides.

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