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Fly Lines?


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I got sidetracked reading about fly lines for about 8 hours the last couple days. There is so much hype around fly lines I have no clue what really casts well with the typical "fast action" graphite fly rod  What's everybody favorite line for which rod? 


I like Orvis Hydros HD Trout on my 6 wt Orvis TLS Power Matrix  (12 year old rod) for casting dry flies and nymphing. I have a sink tip for chucking streamers that the fly shop chopper off the first ~ 20 feet of line. I wish I could remember what line that was.


I guess the bottom line is you have to go out and test different lines on your rod to see what really works.  Is it more complicated now to select a fly line than it was 20 years ago?



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I'm far from being knowledgeable about fly lines but had heard about 406 lines from a friend in England. He fishes bamboo rods and  thought it was a great product. I think he said he liked the long front taper and it's very slick.

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