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January Meetings


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All meetings start at 7:00pm at Queen Mary Park Community Hall on 117St and 108 Ave. Everyone welcome. Coffee and timbits provided.


Jan 2nd - No Meeting. Hall closed


Jan 9th -  Possibility of a guest with extensive knowledge of the retail side of flyfishig and tying. Check back for an update on this. Meanwhile plan to bring a vice or use a loaner from the club and tie a few; chew the fat; share some tying tips or just sit back and read the proposed constitution that will be voted on at the AGM.  EDIT: SPEAKER UNAVAILABLE   Tying etc. this meeting


Jan 16th - Welcome to an historic event - the return of the  Iron Fly Tyer, Three tyers are challenged to incorporate one mystery ingredient into a dry fly, a wet fly and a streamer.  They can bring all the tools and materials that they think they can use, but the mystery ingredient must be an essential part of the fly. 
SATURDAY Jan 19th - Annual SEMINAR:
The Fishin’ Hole and Northern Lights Fly Fishers are sponsoring a non-profit Fly Fishing Seminar on January 19th featuring:
• “Bow River” Barry White, a master fly casting instructor, a professional fly tyer, guide, author and photographer presenting on how to find fish in flowing waters and tips for improving your casting
• Fred Noddin, author, presenter and fisheries biologist on techniques for catching trout in all seasons of the year and the best strategies for catching grayling. He’ll also share the secrets of his favorite flies.
• Nick Sliwkanich, teacher, author and avid flyfisher on catching pike on a fly and how to tie effective pike fly patterns. 
9 AM to 4 PM Saturday, January 19th, 2019 
MacEwan University Edmonton 
City Centre Campus –10700 - 104 Avenue - Room 6-212
There will be a 50/50 and bucket raffle to help cover costs
Tickets are $35 and are available at - https://www.eventbrite.ca/
Jan 23rd  is the AGM. Main item is to elect a new executive to manage the club's affairs during 2019. To do this we need  a quorum of 20 eligible (i.e. current members of TUC} members. We also need some people to volunteer for without an executive we cannot continue. So please consider standing for a position. If interested and need more information please contact the Nominating Committee Chair, Michael Dell, President@nlft.org   Other agenda items include reports from he executive on 2018 and a vote to approve a new Constitution (for which see a previous post in this section of the forum).   If you are unable to attend please vote by proxy by completing the attached proxy form and passing it on to any club member who will be attending.
Jan 30 is a Roundtable:Session designed to share information  on fishing locations.  Where do you like to fish?  Share one of your spots, and tell us however much you want to give away about fishing it.  Where to go? What to use? When to go?  Favourite flies?  Stories? You don't need to tell us everything, in fact we expect you to keep certain essential details to yourself, so that others can learn them on their own.  Tell some, but don't tell it all.
Best wishes for the New Year. 
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