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Bighorn Country


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We received the following message:


As you are likely aware, the provincial government recently announced a proposal for a mix of parks and public lands in Bighorn Country. TUC is in the process of reviewing the proposal to develop a position and we intend on submitting a letter early in the new year. If you have feedback on the proposal, please feel free to share your thoughts with me. In general, we are supportive of the proposal as it recognizes the importance of this region which forms the headwaters of the North Saskatchewan and Red Deer rivers and provides habitat for native fish including Bull Trout. The proposed new Wildland Park and Public Land Use Zones will provide the province the tools to better manage the region into the future. There are opportunities to improve the proposal, for example, setting limits on OHV trails and linear disturbance.


Public consultation is ongoing until January 31. There is a survey online which I encourage you to complete: https://talkaep.alberta.ca/bighorn-country. There will also be a few public information sessions in the coming weeks.


Lesley Peterson

Alberta Provincial Biologist

Trout Unlimited Canada         

        1-800-909-6040 or 403-221-8360





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The online survey on the Bighorn proposal is now open until Feb 15th.  https://talkaep.albe...bighorn-country


The Chapter is also considering submission of a letter to the Minister to express the views of members on the proposal. Should you have any comments that you wish to share please  post here or email to Newsletter@nlft.org

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The attached letter was sent from Northern Lights Fly Fishers to the Minister of Environment and Parks.  It was written to reflect comments received from members regarding the Bighorn Country Proposal and the Aims and Objectives of the Chapter. As such the letter is supportive and focuses on the perceived impact of the proposal on the watersheds and the fish in Bighorn Country. It does not directly address concerns raised by some members of the public related to restrictions on hunting, horseback riding and OHV use etc. Whether or not you agree with the position expressed in the letter please consider providing your personal opinion to AEP via the survey or by letter. The online survey on the Bighorn proposal is open until Feb 15th.    https://talkaep.albe...bighorn-country


Letter re Bighorn Country Proposal.docx

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