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To answer the question “Why did the province stock a few 30” Tigers in a few lakes in 2018, they’re sterile?

Answer:- We stocked those large Tigers this fall because we are doing major renovations at the Allison Creek Brood Trout Station so we needed to thin our big adults we had. So we stocked those big Tigers, they were six years old. The reason we had the big Tigers was to confirm that Tiger Trout are a sterile fish and cannot make babies. The females were checked from age 3 to age 6 for eggs (zero) and males were confirmed to have very poor testes. We also spawned male Tigers with female Brook Trout and all eggs were non-fertile (dead). 

I don’t anticipate us doing this again. We have kept a few of the big ones at Allison Creek to confirm how long they will live. I want to see if they can live past 8 years.


If the Tigers are released after being caught we should see some big Tigers coming out of our lakes soon. The first stockings was fall 2015 so we should be seeing some 50-70cm Tigers in the next year or so. The amount of Prussian Carp in Blood Indian we could see some big Tigers coming out of that lake in the next two years.


The Tiger trout we stock in the lakes each fall are around 23cm on average but they will range from 14cm to 30cm even though they were born the same day Tigers do not grow the same.  The Tigers are typically 20 months old at stocking.  We use a female brown trout and male brook trout to make the Tigers every fall at Allison Creek.

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