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Don Andersen

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Did part of my annual redd walk where I pick a section of Stauffer Creek and walk it during early November to determine the number of redds and therefore the possibility of increased brown trout populations.

I divide the stream into four sections and today I walked the section from the Lazy M upstream to the bridge.

I am pleased to report that someone removed the beaver dams along this section thereby allowing browns to utilize the traditional spawning habitat. From a low two years ago of only 12 redds, the beaver dam removal resulted in an increase to 36 redds in this section. Only nine below the removed dam shown bellow and the rest above it. There were some sections where the redds are so close together that counting was difficult. In this case, I error on the low side. No point in being too optimistic.

This redd located along where the dam was located humored me. A fishery screw you.





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Continuing the redd count last week with Michael Dell above the bridge upstream of the Lazy M. While the redd locations have moved in several places, we did see from 22>25 redds from the bridge to 100 yards below the cattle ford.

The number is down some from the typocal 30>35 in high redd years. Several times beaver dams have destroyed the spawning area. I expect what we encountered is average.





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