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Trout Unlimited Canada is excited to announce we have joined the Keepemwet movement.

As a Conservation Partner with Keepemwet Fishing, TUC endorses and supports efforts to educate, empower, and inspire anglers through the promotion of Keepemwet Fishing catch & release education efforts. We know that simply promoting catch & release angling as a conservation tool and management strategy is no longer good enough – how fish are handled can affect the health and survival after fish are released. The impacts of fish handling and catch & release varies by species and scenario but the Keepemwet principles and tips are a baseline of best practices to guide fish handling. The basic principles include minimizing air exposure of fish, eliminating contact with dry surfaces, and reducing handling.

The Keepemwet movement started when founder Bryan Huskey noticed photos on social media showing poorly handled fish (i.e. extensive air exposure, fish laying or flopping on dry banks) with the hashtag #catchandrelease. Various scientific studies have revealed that air exposure during fish handling delays and minimizes recovery of fish once released and Bryan worried that poor fish handling practices were being normalized in catch & release angling. However, he saw an opportunity to improve fish photography and catch & release practices that kept fish wet; not only to keep them wet but handled gently and safely to maximize fish survival after release. The hashtag #keepemwet began to grow in popularity, and in 2015, Keepemwet Fishing launched a website and established social media accounts to formalize the brand. A coalition of fisheries scientists, anglers, media outlets, fishing outlets and conservationists have since joined this grassroots movement.

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Courtesy Exploring Alberta

Keepemwet Fishing aims to bridge fisheries science and angling communities. The principles are in line with science and a precautionary approach to the capture, handling, and release of fish. We look forward to this new partnership and encourage TUC’s members, supporters, and chapters to promote the Keepemwet movement, helping to ensure healthy and sustainable fish populations.

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