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Volunteer Angling


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AEP is interested in having us do some angling this summer. Initiatives were delayed by heavy rains, but things are looking up now.


Changes to Alberta's Occupational Health and Safety Act are making things a bit more complex for us as well. We are sorting through a number of new requirements (Safety plans, briefings, protocols, training etc). We may have to purchase additional equipment (first aid kits, emergency beacons, bear spray) as well, so our backs are against the wall for angling in August.


If you would like to volunteer, please let me know here. We are tentatively planning trips around August 17-19, or Aug 25-26 as a fallback.


We don't have everything worked out yet, just looking for some folks who might be available. Depending on how many teams and how big those teams are (2-3) this may be a very limited opportunity. We will give preference to those who have volunteered for the Grayling project in the past.


We will be angling and recording information about the locations and fish caught. No tissue/skin samples will be taken and no PIT tags will be deployed. We will bring along the PIT tag scanners in case we run into an old-timer from the last round.


We are hoping to pull this together in time!


Reminder - these waters are still closed and we are not permitted to fish without a fisheries research license (to be supplied). We will be expected to follow the protocols and guidance from AEP.








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Things were delayed a bit, but we now have an angling plan for Dismal Creek. The plan is to work with AEP to gather some data at a midpoint in the 5 year closure. We will be paired up with bilogists from AEP for the angling.


Mike and Ryan have been out doing the boat and back pack electrofishing on the UPR mainstem.

- while it is too early to holler success there were positive signs (more ARGR showing up at sites where they weren’t in 2014 and 2016. For example, in the pool where we snorkelled below Sundance Bridge, 20 ARGR. Also, more and larger bull trout were captured. Positive news.


- they want to do 8 AEP 2014 sites and 7 NLFF sites by August 31. They will have 3 AEP staff available for the entire period, so 3 crews if we have volunteers.


- so we have the Monday to Friday period next week(Aug 27-31), and Thursday, Friday (possibly Saturday) of this week(Aug 23-25) to provide volunteer anglers


- we could use up to 6 anglers per day, and as low as 1 per day, although it would be nice if we had a minimum of three on a given day


- what we need to know is who can go on a given day, and whether or not they are willing to walk to more remote sites. SOME sites will require up to 5 km of hiking.


Just need a head count at this point. Mike will schedule the angling once he knows the number of anglers and the dates


- the H&S plan will be approved, and because we are with AEP they will also have a plan in place (including SPOT, sat phones etc )


Bottom line, we need to know which days you will be available, and if you have any distance restrictions.

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Looks like I am out, cant take time off work and this weekend I have to make a trip out of town to Hinton.

Please share any info and pictures, as I was really looking forward to participating in this event.

Good luck and success to all participants



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Crews consisting of AEP biologists and club volunteers caught over 70 fish this week. We had multiple species, almost all were Grayling with the occasional pike and whitefish. There were multiple age classes as well, some of the bigger Grayling exceeded 40cm total length.


Thanks to all who came out.

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