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Northfork Road - North Ram Log Haul

Don Andersen

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Log Haul Plan for Sundre Forest Products in the North Ram Area.


The comments below were provided by the company.


The Haul on the North Fork Road will commence on July 3rd.


One contractor, Erickson, will begin hauling from Km 49, travelling east to the mainline. Ericksons will be hauling on the North Fork all summer from Km 49 and 47 and will move to the Gap mainline this Fall. We plan to have only one contractor on this portion of the North Fork (Km 42 56) for the summer so traffic will not be too heavy. Trucks are instructed to drive as if there is a vehicle around every corner. We completed line of site clearing last fall and have plans to upgrade the road over the summer for the winter log haul. This will involve shaping and grading as well as gravelling.


Another contractor, Darcar, will begin hauling from the Trout and will travel the north fork between km 42 and 41 then down the mainline so will not add much to the traffic.


Robill contracting will begin hauling on the lower portion of the mainline mid August coming out at Km 18.5 and travelling south to Hwy 752.


We do have right of way salvage from the road we are developing in the Ram Triangle, this wood will move sporadically over the summer months but should not add significantly to the traffic.


We plan on occupying the new camp at km 61 temporarily with planters come July. The permanent camp will not be established until October.


We expect the loghaul to be busy in the winter months, starting in November.




Folks in addition to the companies comments above:


Sundre Forest Products is installing a log yard and camp facility near kilometre 61 on the North Fork Road. This facility is needed due to forest operations in the Ram Triangle. While it was not Sundre Forest Product preferred location which was south of the bridge at kilometer 61, the Govt required they locate at the present spot.





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