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Dolberg Lake Regulation Changes

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There has been a negative reaction from Barrhead County and some of its residents and from the Opposition in the legislature to regulation changes for Dolberg Lake. One letter in the Barrhead Leader and the first news story on this suggested that Northern Lights was responsible for the changes and for taking away local residents' right to fish the lake as they saw fit. We did not want to enter the local debate but have provided Barrhead Council and the Barrhead Leader with the facts. We also provided the Minister some evidence of support for the regulation changes. The executive agreed to send the following letter:

Dear Minister Phillips,
Over a number of years the Northern Lights Fly Fishers Chapter of Trout Unlimited Canada has advocated through its representatives at the Provincial Fisheries Roundtable Meetings for the establishment of quality stocked trout fisheries. A few were established and have proven to be extremely well received by anglers across the province. It became apparent that there was a demand for more such fisheries to be established to meet the demand, especially within driving distance of major population centres. Recently, a public survey of anglers clearly confirmed support for trying to improve angling at Dolberg Lake where the quality of the fishery has been declining for the past few years. So we were particularly gratified by the efforts of Fisheries Management and the area fisheries biologist to amend the regulations for Dolberg Lake in an effort to create a quality trout fishery there. We would also like to commend you for creating a more diversified fishery by adding brown trout to the fish population. As the science has clearly displayed, a ban on the use of bait for fishing is essential to increase chances for trout survival and that too has been duly introduced at Dolberg for 2018 and beyond. We believe that the proactive efforts of your staff will in time create a quality fishery at Dolberg and, thereby, a recreational opportunity of which the province can be proud.
Please accept our thanks.
Northern Lights Fly Fishers,
Trout Unlimited Canada
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Yesterday, I was made aware of the article in the Barrhead Leader along with a few comments from readers and found the comments to be rather disturbing. Good on the executive for sending the letter to the Minister and for not getting involved in the local debate.



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