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I thought I'd share excellent resources for information on all levels of tying.


​Northern Lights Fly Fishers hosts free drop-in meetings on a weekly basis.

​Our Address is Queen Mary Park Community League 10844 - 117th Street. We have meetings every Wednesday and there is always someone tying and extra vises to use. We are happy to sit and help and answer your questions. Bring a mug and enjoy a hot chocolate, tea or coffee and a Timbit while you learn. :clapping:

​The club also has the BIGGEST library in the organization of Trout Unlimited Canada. We offer books and DVD's to sign out. This library also holds children's books which take you on an adventure with Olive the Woolly Bugger and her friends, on how to get started in fly tying to beautiful salmon flies for advance tiers. Our Library covers just about anything you're looking for when it comes to the art and sport of fly fishing.


​We have a YouTube channel that you can follow and just about every fly the club has tied is in video :)

If you know someone who ties they are also a great source of information. Ask if they are willing to help. Betcha they'd be more than happy to!


I am sure I have forgotten :eek: lots of other resources and as I think of them I can post them. =)





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