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... and we usually end up using four main styles of fly to catch different kinds of fish. They are the dry fly, nymph, wet fly and streamer.


Each fly has its own special abilities and reasons for being used. These flies can either imitate food sources or attract and bring interest of fish to your fly. So again in different words imitators are flies that imitate the particular bug or insect that the fish are eating like, a blood sucker (which we also call a leech). And attractors are flies that get the attention of fish and often don't look like anything specific, who are curious but unwilling to bite and bring them out of hiding.These type of flies don't look like anything specific.


  • The Dry Fly - imitates insects and bugs that are usually stuck on the water surface and generally float.


  • The Nymph - sinks to the bottom but imitates the baby stages of insect life


  • The Wet Fly - imitates adult insects that live under the water and or insects that are about to drown. They are wet flies cause they got wet :P


  • The Streamer - imitates tiny fish, the streamer sinks to just underneath the surface of the water and can be used in lakes streams and rivers.
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