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Did you know....

... when we tie a fly we are imitating an insect or food like-item for the fish we are going to catch. These fish can live in all sorts of water like lakes, rivers and streams. The flies we tie can imitate pretty much any bug or minnow. Flies can be tied in many styles and for different reasons. Wet fly's, Dry fly's and Streamers are just a few types of the many flies we can tie.


We make these flies with lots of different items like: feathers from all sorts of birds, chenille which is stringy stuff that can be fuzzy or shiny like tinsel, fur, wire, beads, glue, but most importantly thread. Without the thread our flies would fall apart :eek: OH!!!!..... I can't forget the most magical ingredients are: to be creative, have patience, and most of all have FUN :D while you practice. :wave_smile:


Did you also know....

... fly tying was first recorded way back in history before our time, before our parents' time, even before our grand parents' time ... sooooo faaaar back that I can't even count that far back! I'm like talking way back to Ancient Rome. Do you know any one that lived that far back?

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