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The Basics Of Fly Tying - Tools


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There are several things we need before we start tying.



When we first start, we don't need the best of the best tools as we don't know if we will like tying yet or not. So when getting tools be sure you're getting something you can afford. If you know of someone who has tools or a family member who already ties maybe ask to borrow theirs before you make an investment just to be on the safe side. The beginning basics for tools are listed below. I will get into materials in our next chapter.

  • Vise - to hold your hook tightly and in place while you wrap it with materials.
  • Scissors - fine tip scissors are good for cutting materials and are great to get into hard to fit places.
  • Bobbins - bobbins hold the spool of thread and help with wrapping and securing the thread and materials around the hook
  • Bobbin Threader - helps pull your thread through the feeding tube of the bobbin
  • Whip Finisher - helps to make a special knot to finish your fly off before you cut the thread
  • Hackle Pliers - this tool holds the hackle when our fingers can't do the job
  • Needle Nose Pliers with out teeth - to pinch the barb down
  • Head Cement - secures the final wraps of thread and prevents unraveling of materials
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