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Visiting Spruce Grove This Summer


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Greetings to my northern brothers. I am a member of Colorado TU and live about 15 minutes from my home water [brown trout] and 30 minutes outside of Rocky Mountain National Park.


My wife and I will be visiting Spruce Grove, AB in summer. While I have fly fished the Northern Territory before [Lake Selwyn] before, I know nothing about the creeks, streams and rivers around the Spruce Grove/Edmonton [Go Eskimos!] area. I was hoping someone on this board might suggest some trout streams that are wadable and good for fly fishing, about 60 to 90 minutes from Spruce Grove.


Any advice or directions will be greatly appreciated. You can find me on Facebook at Sam U Rai. I do accept FB friendships from fly fishers all around the world.


~ Paul A. Canada [Yup! That's my real last name.]

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Thanks for checking in, Paul. Am envious of your easy access to some great stream fishing. We have something similar but unfortunately not close to Spruce Grove. While there are some stocked trout ponds near Spruce with brown and rainbow trout, the streams that I believe you're looking for are at least 2 hours away, either west towards Jasper or south towards Rocky Mountain House. Closest to Spruce Grove is the North Saskatchewan River which you can wade and fly fish in some areas depending on water levels but not for trout - there are however plenty of walleye, pike, goldeye etc. A boat is preferable but I doubt you'll be bringing one from Colorado. If you're willing to travel a little further let us know and we can provide some specific directions to browns, cutthroat, brookies, whitefish or maybe you'd like to try some arctic grayling fishing.

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