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Feb 21, 28 And Mar 7 Meetings


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All meetings 7:00pm at Queen Mary Park Hall - everyone welcome, no charge to attend, free coffee and maybe a timbit or two.


Feb 21 - High Tech night along with opportunity to tie with others, share patterns, techniques, learn from each other. Ken will be there to help us preview some fishing related apps including the new Stillwater Fly Fishing App that Brian Chan and Phil Rowley have just released containing a wide range of information on equipment, tactics, entomology and some of their favourite fly patterns along with tying instructions. You can download it from Phil's site http://www.flycraftangling.com/


Feb 28 - Dennis Southwick. whose original fly patterns are featured on the Canadian Llama Company website, will be talking about and demonstrating the tying of FLYMPHS. Be careful when searching that term on Google as, like Stimulators , Nymphs, and Naked Presentations, it can bring up some sites that you might not have been expecting! Here's a safe one you might want to check out http://globalflyfisher.com/patterns-tie-better/wingless-wets


Mar 7 - Business meeting with some interesting items to report and your chance to volunteer to help tie a woolly bugger with kids at the Edmonton Boat and Sportsmen's Show on March 15 -18th. In addition there will be a general discussion/information sharing session on possible venues and times for some joint fishing trips. It's been said that we talk a lot about fishing but we don't go fishing as a club too much! Do you want to? Would you be interested, for example, in joining in on a former tradition of a combined cleanup / barbeque / fishing meeting out at Muir Lake now that hopefully it's recovered from the fish kill a couple of years ago. Perhaps, too, a similar event at another lake, on the North Ram, the North Saskatchewan or other destinations. Is there room in your boat for another person, do you have a barbeque you could bring along, where should we go, would a Weds evening be suitable or should a trip to Muir or elsewhere be a weekend event, etc etc. Your interest, advice and input would be appreciated.

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Since I'm unable to make the Mar 7 meeting...

What sort of time/knowledge commitment are you looking for from volunteers at the Sportsmens Show?


I'll need to brush up on my woolly bugger pattern, but I'd be willing to contribute a friendly female face since I'm planning to be down for the weekend.

While I'm definitely no pro, I do stock my fly box mostly by my own hand now.

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Thanks for your interest, SpOtFyRe. Would be great to meet you in person.

We are looking for volunteers to tie with kids for a 4 hour shift or more on any or all days of the Show. If you're willing to help out we can provide you with a free pass to the Show, cover any parking costs and provide some cash towards meals. To get the pass for you we'll need your name and the pass will be available for you to pick up at the Show Office. You can email me at Newsletter@nlft.org with name and times you'd like to help out. Look forward to hearing from you.


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