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Feb 7 Meeting


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7:00pm Queen Mary Park Hall:


Monthly Business Meeting - agenda items include planning for the Edmonton Boat and Sportsmen's Show on March 15 to 18, the Learn to Fly Fish Courses on April 28 and May 12, and a possible project with Uncles at Large.

Also, please give some thought to possible topics/questions that you would like to hear addressed in an upcoming visit from Fish and Wildlife Enforcement and to topics you think would be interesting for information sharing sessions following business meetings. Please let us know at or before the Feb 7th meeting so we can plan accordingly.



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I was ( or in some sense still am) an Uncle at large. I was matched with David McCagherty when he was nine. The goal of the program is to provide a male role model for boys from father-absent homes, similar to Big Brothers. The program recommends you get together about weekly. Activities would include anything either of you enjoyed. David and I did tons of things together. I watch him play hockey up to midget and we went to Oiler games, both of us big Oiler fans. David played Community and school soccer, eventually moving on to senior mens where he and I played on the same team, which he even coached for a while. (You can sense where this is going) . We played pickup touch football in the park with his friends. We built a model airplane and I took him up in a Cessna a couple times. We went canoeing and attended music concerts. I taught him how to drive a stick shift and let him use my RX7 and keep an ey on our house once when we were in NZ. Significant events we shared were his university graduation, the birth of my daughter, his first marriage and divorce and second marriage, the deaths of his mom and my dad and his move to London Ontario for a great job, and far too many others things to mention. We did go fishing a few times, but he was into more active sports. We still keep in touch after almost 40 years. I hope to see him when he comes to The Island this summer. So in my opinion, anything you can do for the Uncles program would be very worthwhile. Its been wonderful for David and me.

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