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Meetings Overview - Feb To June


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There are a number of upcoming activities and presentations in the works for Wednesday evening meetings between now and the summer to which everyone is welcome. You don't necessarily have to be a member of Trout Unlimited Canada to come to the meetings. Although only TUC members may vote on motions affecting club policy and operation and we will encourage you to join the national organization, anyone interested in fly fishing, conservation of freshwater fisheries and/or fly tying is welcome to come to the meetings .


The first meeting of each month will continue to be a business meeting. We hope to follow each of these with an information sharing session on various topics. There is a wealth of knowledge and expertise among the membership from which we can all benefit.


February 14th is Valentines Day and along with an opportunity to tie a few flies for the season and learn some patterns and techniques from other tiers, Kristi has something planned involving flies, the colour red and I don't know what else. I'm hoping it's chocolate! On the 28th Dennis will be back for a presentation/demonstration on 'Flymphs'. Had to look that one up - they're wingless wet flies and they even have their own International Society of Flymph Fishermen and a dedicated discussion forum www.flymphforum.com/ Should be interesting.


In March there will be a swap/sale evening to which you can bring tying materials that you have too many of to trade or sell, equipment, books - anything to do

with fishing. Expect to see some great bargains - better than anything Wholesale had to offer on its liquidation sale - even some free stuff. A great chance to part

with your surplus stuff in exchange for something you need. On the 21st there will be a visit from Edmonton Fish and Wildlife Officer, Morgan Rosadiuk, not to check licences but to update us and answer your questions about enforcement of fishery and other regulations and laws.


April will include a session on getting equipment ready and some tips and pointers for the new season. On the 18th Kirby from Okotoks will be visiting and

sharing some of his knowledge and experience in fishing for cutthroats in our mountain streams. He has some great photography to share too. You may want to

check out some of his U-Tube videos in advance of his visit, Just google 'mid-life flysis' - that's not a typo! By the way, no meeting on Weds April 25th as that's

the night of the TUC Edmonton Fund Raising Dinner for which we'll need a few volunteers.


Bill Robertson from the Fishin' Hole will be coming to the club in May and we're working on a few other presentations that should be of interest.


There will be the usual barbeque at Queen Mary Park in June and perhaps we can organize a barbeque/clean-up/fishing event at Muir now that the fishery has

recovered somewhat from the 2016 winter kill.


There's room for other events/activities. Let us know if you have requests, ideas or would like to present something yourself. Bob's the guy to contact at

Programs@nlft.org. Check back on the forum frequently to get details of each meeting as they're finalized and please spread the word to others who might be

interested in sharing the fly fishing/tying experience with us.


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