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Tuc Response To North Central Native Trout Recovery Program


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I'm glad to see some of the concerns/suggestions raised in this letter.


With these closures two rivers in my vicinity that I love are being closed (Berland and Kakwa) - ironically found out about them too late to contribute to the feedback when visiting a business in Edmonton.


It's difficult to accept these closures given the quantity of water that is being pulled from nearby (ex./ Cutbank River) or the reduced staffing levels of enforcement officers (CO and F&W) to patrol (Willmore Wilderness). I've waited 2 hours for Fox Creek (of the Berland Drainage) to clear after OHVs drove through upstream of where I was fly fishing. Without mitigation of these other recreational factors, complete removal of fishing is not going to facilitate healthy recovery.


The proposal of a special license or draw is of interest to myself, it would enable fishermen to legally be out on the waters and be able to report poachers, so we can still be additional eyes and hold each other accountable.

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If you have thoughts about the NCNT program, you are welcome provide feedback directly to AEP.

The letter posted above represents a consolidated view from TUC and all it's members and is the official TUC response.

Our club will not be submitting a separate response, and we ask that you not respond on behalf of TUC or our chapter.


I've written my own letter, and sent it to the minister AEP.Minister@gov.ab.ca and deputy minister andre.corbould@gov.ab.ca


Your thoughts (positive or negative) and suggestions can make a difference.

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