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Tuc Response To North Central Native Trout Recovery Program

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Invitation from Trout Unlimited Canada for TUC members only:


As you are likely aware, the provincial government has recently announced the launch of the North Central Native Trout (NCNT) recovery program as part of their overall efforts to recover species at risk along Alberta’s eastern slopes. While TUC is supportive of the elevated priority of recovering Westslope cutthroat trout, bull trout, Athabasca rainbow trout, Arctic grayling and mountain whitefish, we recognize that one of the proposed strategies within the NCNT program, angling closures, has been contentious. Some of our members have expressed support for this initiative and some members are strongly opposed. It is important that as an organization, TUC has a united voice, particularly when communicating at the political level and to the public.


TUC is preparing a letter to the minister of Environment and Parks to outline our position on the NCNT program. As with all position statements, TUC’s position on the NCNT program is developed based on TUC’s National Conservation Agenda, existing policies and discussion with members and chapters. While we have heard from some of you, we will host a conference call for TUC members on Monday, January 15 at 7 pm during which we will discuss the position. Please feel free to pass this invitation along to other interested members of your chapters. Please also RSVP by e-mail to lpeterson@tucanada.org if you will be participating in the call.


January 15th, 7pm

Call in number: 1-888-289-4573

Access code: 6705538

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