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Where The Tigers Went In 2017


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Black Nugget Mine Pit 5,000 3N @ 21.8 cms

Lower Chain Lake 4,000 3N @ 22.5 cms

East Twin Lake 1,000 3N @ 24.7 cms

Moonshine Lake 1,500 3N @ 23.7 cms

Blood Indian Reservoir 29,608 3N @ 23.6 cms


My “The Trout Lakes of Northern Alberta” has had a major facelift.

The link is still https://myalbum.com/album/NAFlYyJfNIXK


Happy 2018,


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Unfortunately I think most of them went into the frying pan! However, there is some good news for 2018. The DFO individual responsible for the last two years for getting federal approval for tigers to be listed as a sport fish in Alberta has been replaced. His replacement has rapidly moved the file ahead and it is scheduled for a hearing in the House at the beginning of March. Unless this is delayed, it may be possible to get some protection for them into the regs prior to their publication. If not, a special regulation will apparently be issued immediately after federal approval is confirmed.....or so I hear.

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Great news Peter. Just a note most of these stocking we in Oct or Nov. so hopefully there will be a few left at ice out.

Heard story that a big tiger was caught and put back through the ice this yr.


come on Spring.


Tight Lines Always


Dennis S

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