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As a way of furthering interest in and sharing information on fishing and fishing related news and events in the Edmonton area, a new section, “Community News and Events”, has been added to the Northern Lights Fly Fishers forum: forum.nlft.org

Local fishing clubs and other fishing related organizations are invited to use this forum to post information on upcoming events and activities, share information on fishing, fisheries management, angling news etc.

It is not always easy to get the word out about the various events, meetings, surveys, news etc. in which anglers might be interested so hopefully this forum will help. Also, we believe that the more that fishing organizations work together the more effective we can be in conserving and improving our fisheries and bringing new people to the sport.

The site is free to all members and non-members alike. The forum has over a thousand registered members and many more who login regularly looking for fishing news and information.

In order to post you need to register on the forum. We don’t need your ‘real’ personal information – though a club or organization name would certainly be helpful – and anything you volunteer beyond that is at your discretion. As with all forums there is a standard ‘Terms of Use; Code of Conduct’: http://forum.nlft.org/index.php?showtopic=936

We hope to see you in the forum…. forum.nlft.org
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