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Dinner/auction Report


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Lots of positive comments received on the Dinner/Auction on Nov 4th.


70 tickets were sold and, with a couple of payments received today, the event has raised just over $5000 for the club.


There are many members who played a big part in its success and our thanks go out to all who helped with the planning, advertising, ticket sales, the food and beverage purchase and preparation, and the set up and take down, those who donated, gathered donations from friends, family and businesses, and those who bid on the 110 items up for auction.


It is impossible to identify all those who donated or contributed in some way as some do not want to be named and others donated anonymously. However, Terry Dyck's chili preparation and his efforts to get the Kenilworth Community Centre for us (and clean it up after) deserve particular mention. Our thanks too to Mike Monteith and Spin City for the background music.


We are not sure how to improve it for next year (mark it on your calendar for November 3rd 2018) or even if it can be improved, but if you have any suggestions please pass them on to any of the executive. We do need to put a hall clean-up crew together for next year to help Terry on the Sunday after.


As best we know, and again some donated anonymously, the following businesses and organizations, in no particular order, donated auction items. If you can, please support them as they have supported us:


Canadian Tire, Fish Tales Fly Shop, Golf Town, Lewis Estates Golf Course, Purdy's Chocolatier, Original Joe's, Alberta Conservation Association, Semperfli, Safeway (Sherwood Park), Hans Falkenstein Restaurant, The Fishin' Hole, Starbucks, Molenkamp Honey Farms Ltd., Derrick Dodge, Superfly, Alberta Motor Association, Panda Flowers and Trout Unlimited Canada. There may have been others but that's all we have record of. If you know of any we've missed please let us know. Thank-you letters are being sent.

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