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Raven Riparian Fencing Project


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The goal of this project was for the Northern Lights Fly Fishers Chapter of Trout Unlimited Canada to protect and conserve riparian land along the Raven river and/or its tributaries in keeping with the primary aims and objectives of Trout Unlimited Canada and the Alberta Conservation Association. Funding was provided by the Alberta Conservation Association.


The specific objective was to contract the installation of exclusion fencing, with access for anglers and cattle watering as needed, along riparian sections of the Raven River, the North Raven River (Stauffer Creek) or Clear Creek identified by ACA staff and in cooperation with the landowner(s).


It's finally done! Project costs came in about $900 under the ACA grant of $29,000 and we achieved far more than anticipated with the money.

With the cooperation of landowners, exclusion fencing was erected along 4.13 kilometres of the Raven River protecting 53.9 acres of riparian land and a further 13.7 acres of upland habitat. Weather conditions necessitated a six-month extension of the project but lower than anticipated charges from fence installers and less bush clearance than we thought allowed for the protection of significantly more riparian land than expected.


A request to ACA to spend the $900 balance on beer and pizza was denied!


ACA would like to do more of this work with us next year and we are considering applying for another grant.


However, they would like our advice on which stream/river to work on. More on the Raven/? Maybe the Dogpound? If you have any suggestions for areas where riparian protection is needed please let us know.



Phil Rowley has posted an article on the project in the Newsroom section (https://tucanada.org/the-raven-river-riparian-protection-project/) of the TUC website as well as links on TUC's Facebook and Twitter pages.

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