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One Fly Tournament - Sept 30Th


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Apologies for the late notice but we've only just received the information:


The Bow River Trout Foundation is holding a One Fly Tournament on Sept 30th to raise money towards the construction of boat launches at the Ogden Bridge and at Inglewood/12th. They are requesting a $600 donation from the Chapter. If approved at our Weds. Sept 20th meeting, Barry White will take two members in his boat at no charge to participate in the Tournament on Sept 30th. The two names will be drawn at the meeting from those interested in participating. If you are unable to attend but would like your name entered in the draw please email Treasurer@ nlft.org

Fly selections are limited to one streamer, one nymph and one dry fly plus an alternate for lost flies. The alternate can be either a streamer, nymph or dry and can only be used once one of the three primary flies has been lost. Tippet weights are to be used according to the fly being used: Streamer 2x (12lb), Nymph 3x (9.5lb), Dry Fly 4x (7.5lb). Barry will provide more details at the meeting.

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