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Introducing myself


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Hi there, new to this forum.....Wally hooked me up with this site...most of u don't know me but i have seen your names on wallys emails. My name is Garry Fisher hence fishman kinda suiting, i live in Whitecout , the stream fishing around here isn't the best but at least there is some and very few people hit them so they stay the same always, i fish alot of the lakes around here and there is some hidden gems around here. I find that i usually have most of the lakes to myself where i fish and i kind of like that....only one problem with that u have no bragging rights then. I find that i don't have to travel far as i have good fishing in my back yard. Ohhhhhhh by the way carson is not one of the lakes i fish .




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Hi Fishman good to have you aboard :thumbup: . I missed this post :eek: . I sure would like to explore more out that why. As Lance state you have the Little Smokey :clap: but I have heard of some others as you said less fished and some good fishing. Any time your in Edmonton let us know. Any time in on a Wed drop into the club introduce yourself maybe bring your vise along and show us some of your secert weapons on those Grayling and the odd Athabsacan Trout. Again greaat to have you on the board.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S. :fishing:


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Welcome to the board Fishman.


I'm hoping to make it up to whitecourt next summer. My father in law lived up there a while back, and is always talking about the fishing up there. Mabey you'll let us in on a secrect or two in the area.


See you on the forums

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Welcome aboard Fishman. If it's bragging rights you want, just invite me up to your neck of woods and I'll let you brag all you want. I'm always looking for a new fishin' hole :whoot:


Cheers! :cheers:

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Hi Gary,


Welcome aboard.


I will always remember our trip to Wally World (which is that lake which is "just over the hill, and dry all the way"). I recall that you rolled the quad on yourself on the trip in, but there was no damage to you or the quad. I'm glad I got off for that hill. And that we were covered in mud when we got back home.


And I remember the 17" brook trout you caught from that lake whose name I forget.


Take care.



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The problem is i have no secrets when it comes to wally.....so life is over...just kidding wally..... i have no problem taking any of u fellows fishing up here but u r sworn to secretise or how ever u spell that....Wallly and i use to fish alot more together when i lived in Edson but it seems as u move and life goes through its motions u lose touch of people that r close to u. It doesn't take much or any talking to get me to go fishing so hintttttttttttttt.

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