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Posting Images to the site.


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In order to post an image on the forum, you need to make sure that the image is no larger than 100k in size. This means that you will likely need to "resize" your photo before posting it. Below is a guide I have written to help you in this process. If you have any problem with the guide, drop me an email, and I'll try to help you along.


1. If you have an image editing software like photoshop, use it. To resize a photograph in photoshop follow these instructions:

a) Open your image in photoshop.

B) Choose Image -> Image size from the top menu.

c) Set you image size to 640 pixels(px) by 480 pixels. This will give you a decent sized picture.

d) Choose File -> Save for web. You will be able to determine the quality of the image here before it is saved. An image of approx 70-80% has very little quality loss for web use, but will give you a very workable file size. You should also see the image information including quality percentage, and size in the save preview.


Posted Image

e) Save the image


2. If you don't have the luxery of photoshop, you can use irfan viewer to resize your photos.


a)Click the link below to download irfan viewer.

Download Irfan Viewer


b)Once you have the viewer installed, start the program, and open the image you need to resize.

c) Choose Image -> Resize/Resample

d) Select the 640 x 480 Option and make sure size method selected is set to resize.

e) Choose File -> Save as

f) Select jpeg as the type of file, and set the quality to 70 80%. This should leave you with a file that is just under 100k.

g) Click ok to save.


3. Once you have an image resized, you will be able to post it to the forum. Not all areas of the forum allow images to be attached.


a) Start a new topic or reply to an existing topic.

B) Type in your message and scroll to the bottom of the page. Look for File Attachments and hit the "Browse" Button

c) Browse to your saved image and post your new message.


Posted Image


Below is an Image I have resized.


Send me an email or a private message if you have any problems.


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Otherwise also in WinXP... right click on an image and choose to send to an email recipient. XP offers to shrink the image for you. When email opens, save the shrunk attachment to disk and use that one.


Nice Spey Fly.. was just sitting down to see what I might tye for the swap too.


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Thanks Pacres and RB for the tips. I was able to resize my photos with my ArcSoft Camera Suite Photo Impression 4. I was not aware that I have it. Still learning a lot. I 'll have to do it more often.


Joe L.

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One other suggestion I would make is to make sure you have a backup of your original images before you start to resize and post online. Once you have resized the image and saved it you can't make it bigger again to print it off. :huh:

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