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Muir Lake Aeration


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We will be installing the aerators on Saturday October 16th at 3 pm. Please feel free to drop by and lend a hand. A number of people have already agreed to show up but a couple more would not hurt. Maybe we can get 2 crews going so that the whole thing will be done in an hour or so. If you have a boat - you and your boat will be more than welcome.


Once the aerators are installed, please keep well away from them. We don't plan to turn them on until the lake starts freezing but there are anchor lines running out about 8m in 4 directions from each aerator. If you catch an anchor line you will lose your hook* - each anchor is about 12 lbs and will be settled on the bottom. * Unless of course you are one of those people that fishes a trout lake with 20 pound test.


When the aerators are on, please keep well away. The aeration motor is a HIGH RPM device and its rotation can either chew up a line or line can wrap around the motor shaft and damage the motor bearings.


Thank you for all your support for this project. If you can, please help out with (attend) the Flies and Beer on the 18th and look for our fundraising silent auction /social /party to celebrate the first official year of fishing at Muir and to help raise funds for lake number 2. It will be held in February of 2005.





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