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Cheap Dubbing

Terry H

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Pretty sick how how "our" fly tyer minds work eh. :devil:


PS - I got 7 dead squirrells, 1 grouse, and a Pintail mallard in my freezer right now. So, who needs stuff next wek.. I will donate stuff to keep you from looking for you next Hantavirus fix.

We should have a top 10 of you know you a fly tyer when.....


You look at people and think their hair would work well in a new pattern.

You pets are constantly developing bald spots



take it from there


I'll take a few pintail fethers if you have some to spare.

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You know your a flytyer when the neighbours pets keep developing bald spots.


That mouse thing, I dunno if I could do that, would rather spend the $2 on a pack of dubbing. And if you think thats cheap dubbing I read an article a while back (I think on the globalflyfisher website) about a guy who uses dryer lint to tie flies. He goes into great detail into how to dry certain sweaters so that you get certain color blends. When he gets the right mix he treats it with scotchguard. Pretty interesting article. Maybe RB who is more adept at finding things on the internet could find that article. Oh, and RB, if you have some xtra cdc and mallard flank feathers, I'll take some of those.




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My 10 "You know you are a fly tyer when:"

You panic stop at every roadkill

and keep a plastic bag in the trunk just for that eventuality.

You spend 4 hours in a craft store,

and don't have a craft other than fly tying to work on.

All your clothes have so much debris on them

they look like both your cat and dog used them for bedding.

Your bead collection

surpasses that of a costume jewelery shop.

You have more bags of dead animal parts

than the taxidermist you are on a first name basis with.

You surf the web for cheap materials and fly pattern info

and post the results to all your friends.

Your visa bill for fly tying materials

exceeds your bill for booze and gas, combined.

You have at least four pairs of scissors

none of which has ever touched paper.

You have a container of thread spools

neatly arranged by the solar spectrum.

The Mustad representative

has your home number in his rolladex


Lets get some more nominations.

Edited by dave robinson
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Speaking of the "Exoctic undie swap." Next time your wife or g/f forces you guys to throw out that old holy pair of tighty whities, keep the elastic band. Cut it open and you have enough strands of elastic to tie up hundreds of hopper patterns. In doing this, think of that little package of round rubber hackle or silli legs you just paid $2-4 for at the store.


A fly fisherman does not have the classic "skin-mags" of Hustler, Playboy, and Penthouse under his mattress. Instead he has Fly Rod & Reel, Flyfisherman, and Field and Stream.

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O Dave to close to home :eek: Still haven't gotten down the the road kill one but have been tempted on occassion :ph34r::devil::ph34r: .


You know your a fly tyer when you have more balls of wool & poly in your tying room than in your wifes sewing room.


When you have a reserve list at the local dollar store for foam & any beads that come in :ph34r: .


you have enough foam sheets in the house that when thereid s flood the house will float to the surface like a cork :boat::boat: .


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S.

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Hey I spend alot of time looking for dubbing sources, those cheap gray camping blankets are pretty cool once you pick a piece apart, there is an amazing variety of materials in them....mystery fluff!

As far as the mouse thing goes, watch out for what type of mice they are, deer mice carry the Hanta Virus and as dumb as this concern may sound, it wouldn't seem so if you caught it and I don't want to be going to any 12 cast salute funerals for any of you, thankyou very much. :cheers:

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