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New Brunswick at it's Best


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This was a day that most people dream of. It was very early, the stars still in the sky, even with the onset of the morning sun. We checked over our fishing gear, making sure that we did not forget anything. Satisfied, we headed out on our days journey.

With backpacks loaded, we started the long walk to what is known as the meadows aka slough. This was the best place around to fish for pike, chain pickeral and big catfish.

We were into fishing, oooh... about three hours or so, found that we have covered about a half a mile or so through very soft and muddy ground. This was wide open meadows, with a tree line in the distance.

We finally reached the the best hole in the place. Fish galore. With a separation of about thirty feet between us, mud up to our knees,very much into fishing, when this fellow walked in between us, didn't even here him approach. He looked at me and then at my buddy, not saying a word, turned and started walking back towards the tree line.

Now my buddy and I walked towards each other with puzzled looks on our faces, wondering what's going on. We turned around to watch where he was going, he was gone, no where in site. We looked at each other, "what the .....". This joker must be playing a game with us. We then started to follow in his direction, there was no trail left behind by him, when we looked behind us, all that we saw were our own prints in the mud. How was this possible. We continued to follow in the same direction when it started to get dark, not by night fall but by this big black cloud rolling in, eerie. We stayed on the same route until we reached the tree line, still no sign of this guy. Where did he go?

We looked back to where we were fishing and this same guy we saw earlier was now standing there looking back at us. Again "what the..." Then the strangest thing happened, this heavy fog started to roll in and I mean heavy, it was so thick you couldn't drive a truck through it. Where it came from is anyones guess. Our fishing day was officially over, and it wasn't even noon yet.

Even though we continued to fish this meadow later in the year, we never ran across this dude again.

Fact or Fiction, for you to decide.



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