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Fishing on monday

Mad Fisher

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I am open to going fishing on Monday to the Red Deer.

Drove over it today andc it looks like it is ACTUALLY DOWN TO NORMAL :clap:


Either post or phone me 780-719-9501 if you are interested in going....


or see you at the Humpty's just of Hwy2 and Ellerslie at 7....



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Hello All


There were a few whites caught today. Not the hot and heavy action one would expect. Between us, there were probably around 14 fish caught and released. Both Aaron and myself had fish snap our lines in one pool. Dont know what is was, but the action was a tug, tug SNAP :beating: . Bye Bye "prince" and "pheasant tail"

We probably lost around 10 fish due to slack lines and had quite a few of them "Dammit fish" on.

There was alot of activity on the water today, boats galore. Insects(mayflies,caddis) flying around. Every where you looked ,there were bugs.

We came across these huge :eek: backswimmers, must have been at least 3/4" long.

Took pictures, but like a repeat to my story, when I figure out how to download pictures, you'll see them.

Weather co-operated, sun B) was out in force, a good day to be on the water. :thumbup:


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The attached photo of a backswimmer was taken by Paulf on his last Red Deer trip.

He sent them to me to post as I have photoshop and can manipulate them as needed.

If I can figure out how, I'll try to post both images at the same time

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Great pictures Paul :clap: . They make one want to start designing new W. Boatman patterns. However, it's too late for most of us in the swap.


Note that with the posting of these pics, the FBI now has your fingerprints :eek: . Terry

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Great Pic. Guys


Note of interest notice the legs. there on the back half of the body. Most of us put them on the front half. Interesting. Also that Brian Chans & Phil Rowleys Still water streach floss callibatus(spelling) colour matches the leg colour somewhat closely. (I used that colour on my Northern Lights Boatman in the swap)


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S.

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Awesome pics! I'm amazed you didn't get bit!


Yeah, me and Mike saw thousands of these bugs on the shoreline when we were down last.. but again no fish. Sigh.. I suspect you were at the Bobber Pool too eh.


Yeah, I kinda wished I'd seen these pics before submitting my Epoxy Boatman patterns for the swap. I can see myself developing a new pattern though that uses mottled turkey feathers for the back... and thin green legs.. more then the traditional two!

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Oh Oh! :o I should have known better than to let Paulf get that close up!

I have to go into hiding now! :ph34r::ph34r:


Keep on the look out :eek: for some guys looking really hard to fit in but not quite and let me know........and by the way my new name is:


Manuel Headinocci :thumbup:

and if asked where I am......I am gone fishing :boat:


:ph34r: Manuel :ph34r:

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