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Rod Building Course?


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Several of the guys at the club are going to start up a rod building corner at the Wed night meetings some time in Jan. :thumbup::clap::thumbup:


Alberta Al contact me or come on out to one of the meetings to Meet the guys that will be doing this and you can speak to them and give a lending hand. The more help the better :clap::clap: .The fellows heading this up are Brain Hepperly Ron Hagen & Bob Guidos


My new email is dsouthwick@shaw.ca


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S.

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Just in case you weren't at last nights meeting this is whats been decide briefly.

Ron wants a list of all people wanting to particapate in either building a rod or finish a rod and to have a list of what they will need to build a rod or complete the rod their working on. Ron wants this by next week. What Ron is proposing is to take a list of what is need and aproach the Gentleman in BC that supplies all rod building materials (it is very hard to get what is needed locally) then that way everything should be in at the same time and that they can get started in Jan.

Any questions just post and Hopefully we can get it answer. If need be I will call Ron to clairify.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S


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