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RDR Browns Spawning


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I noticed a post on Doc's page that should be extended here also Stonefly had mention that Browns are in their spawning time and to be very careful were your wading. keep your eyes peeled for Redds. You will notice that the gravel has been scooped out or a spot were the gravel has been push up into a pile of sorts these can be Redds created by the browns for spawning purposes.


So just a word of caution while wading the Red Deer or any river with a population of Browns.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S.

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For anyone that is wondering what a redd looks like, there are some photos in the Ethical Angling presentation on the following TUC website. They are near the end of the presentation, but it won't do any harm to browse through all the ethical advice preceding the redds photos. Terry


http://www.tucanada.org/alberta/abslideshows.htm' target='_blank'>

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This is another one of those "education is a good thing" spots - unless we can convince the province to do some park work like they have at goldstream...


I have some photos to share - it's quite a place....



(Posting from Nirvana.... Scratch in Victoria)

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Mike and I counted at least a dozen or more Reds on Stauffer Creek, and spotted at least three on the Red Deer. Indeed, watch before you wade.


Basically to identify.. if you come across a patch of gravel that looks like it's cleaner then the rest.. odds are it be a LUV NEST.

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