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Micro Spey


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Brian Greenwood here. I provided a lecture on Trout/NSR Micro Skagit Spey fishing with 2 handed 4 wt rods for fishing the NSR in the winter to the membership. Some of you may remember it.


I am offering to provide a hands on introductory experience to any interested in learning to Spey. I will provide the lines, rods, reels, tips, and any other necessary gear (including Jameson Irish Whiskey) for interested parties to try it out. I can accommodate parties of 2. All you need provide are your own waders and boots.


No fee, no commitment, no obligations to enjoy this unique expression of fly fishing.


I will provide a refresher overview of the philosophy and application of Skagit Casting and then we'll get on the water and try it out.


I understand the NSR is blown out right now and utterly unfishable. Don't let this deter you from exploring Skagit for an hour of your weekend.


I will be directly under the Groat Bridge at 10:00 am on Saturdays. You will know me as I drive a green Chev Silverado. I may already be on the water directly below where my truck is parked. I will have a rod set up for you, so don't be a stranger.


I do not represent any business or company, I'm not out to sell anything. I simply want to share my love for Skagit so I can find others to speak Spey with.


ALSO, I will provide an opportunity for you to try your hand at single handed Skagit Casting, which is a way to partake of the sport affordably, as it converts your favorite flyrod into a Spey rod.


Questions? Concerns? Please call Brian at 587 784 8841.

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