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May And June Programs, Events And Other News


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We’ve been fortunate to have some great presentations this year and there are more to come:


Weds April 26th - Join Janine Higgins, Community Engagement Lead with Alberta Environment and Parks, at the club to learn about the pesky invasive species threatening Alberta, and how we can all work together to keep them out! Did you know that, for example, an economic impact assessment estimates annual costs to Alberta in the event of an invasive mussel infestation to be more than $75 million!


Sat April 29th - The first of two Beginner Fly Fishing Courses is being held at Queen Mary Park Hall. It’s sold out with 20 participants but there is still room for a couple more volunteers to help individuals practice the knot-tying, equipment assembly, casting etc. that Rick Lang and Ross Chow will be teaching. Let Michael Dell know if you can help - events@nlft.org


Weds May 3rd – Business meeting, bring your vice, catch up on some early season fishing reports. We need to get formal approval of the new logo proposed for the club (you can see it elsewhere on the forum) and will need at least current 20 TUC members for the vote. If you can’t be there please give your written proxy to someone who can vote on your behalf.


Sat May 6th – the second Beginner Fly Fishing Course at QMP Hall. This one still has 7 openings left but they’re going fast. Again, if you’ve got a couple of hours to help out, please let Michael know.


Weds May 10th – Dave Park, Head of Fisheries Management for Alberta Fish and Wildlife is coming to the club to answer your questions. He may also be accompanied by Bill Patterson, the Provincial Fish Allocation and Use Specialist. We’ve provided Dave some topics you suggested for him to address but if you have others please bring them along:

· Tiger trout – regulation update, stocking plans and public consultation on locations

· Possible impact on walleye stocks of recent lobbying for an open harvest rather than catch and release or controlled harvest (tags).

· Why is harvest allowed on the Crowsnest River and other neighbouring waters, especially given the recent confirmation of whirling disease there?

· Why do we allow the importation of leaches in containers of water that will be drained into our walleye lakes when they may contain invasive species and/or disease?

· Catch rates of Rocky Mountain Whitefish seem to be dropping. Are you observing population declines and what management plans are in place or pending?

· With climate change is there a possibility of Bass stocking in Alberta?

· What recommendations came from the Stream Temperature Closure working group and what plans are in place regarding possible need for closures this year?

· There were plans to develop Fishery Management Objectives for all provincial fisheries this past year. What's the status of that project?

Thurs May 11th - Edmonton National TUC Dinner/Auction at the River Cree


Weds May 17th – not confirmed yet but we’re hoping Wally Lutz can come in from Edson to demonstrate his renowned mesh-tube fly and Wally Wing NOW CONFIRMED !


Weds May 24th – a flytying evening at which maybe you could tie up a few for the Kids Can Catch events, learn some techniques and patterns from other club members, and find out who’s been fishing where.


Weds May 31st – Michael Dell has fished and guided on central Alberta’s streams extensively and with many other expert anglers. He’ll be sharing some of his knowledge and maybe a few of his secrets (hopefully on Stauffer among others!)


Weds June 7th – Business, tying, chatting – the usual stuff for the first Weds of the month


Weds June 14th – Last meeting till mid Sept so we’ll be lighting up the barbeque!!



· Plans are underway for a one-day seminar on fishing in and around Edmonton with Phil Rowley on Jan 20th 2018. Advertising will be a key to the success of this seminar. If you’ve got ideas on how to get the word out to those who haven’t attended our seminars in the past please pass them on.


· There has been some concern expressed by QMP community league over the cleanliness of the floor after our meetings and the scratches on the utility door from our cabinets. Please remove outdoor shoes or make sure they’re clean, mop up any coffee spills, help sweep up and/or mop at the end of the evening if you can.


· We’ll be holding our annual dinner/auction on Nov. 4th and it’s not too early to start looking for auction items to pass on to Michael Dell. We’’ll have a donation request letter available for your use in contacting businesses etc in early May.


· A major overhaul of the Club’s Charter is in progress to clarify, update and better organize its contents. We’ll be looking for your feedback on it in September.


· We’re setting up a club ‘instagram’ . I’m not quite sure what that is but someone more technologically savvy than me will be explaining it soon.


· There are a few of us who may have let our TUC membership lapse. If you're unsure about yours please check with Kristi, our Membership Director, as she has the up-to-date list. One way to renew is to volunteer to help out at the TUC Edmonton Dinner/Auction in May as that will be repaid by one year's free membership. Michael Dell still needs a few more helpers.

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