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April Programs And Events


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Weds April 5th - the regular monthly business meeting is on this day starting at 7:00pm. It's also a chance to bring your vice, or watch and learn from other tiers, chat with other members, share information and check out the library. Coffee and timbits available.


Weds April 12th - Mike Blackburn, AEP biologist for the Edson area, is driving in to give us an update on the area with particular reference to the grayling population, and in conjunction with Ken Monk and Jim O'Neill a report on the ongoing project work in which we are involved on the upper Pembina

Sat April 15th – This will be our ‘OPEN HOUSE’ at the Queen Mary Park Hall to promote interest in fly fishing and to find out about the club. We’re advertising it in the fishing stores, to Big Brothers and Sisters, on the Alberta Outdoorsmen forum, Facebook etc. as an opportunity to drop in between 10:00am and 4:30pm to ask questions about the how, where and whys of fly fishing, to learn to cast a fly, tie a fly or see some tied, to see some of the bugs that trout eat and find out about local fishing locations, invasive species and fish identification. There will be a colouring centre and treats for the kids and hot dogs will be served.

Weds April 19th - Dennis Southwick will be demonstrating the tying of the increasingly popular booby fly. In addition to the standard booby pattern, Dennis will unveil his 'hopper popper booby', a backswimmer booby and, if time allows, a 'Gurgler' booby.

Weds April 26th - Janine is presenting an up-to-the-minute report on invasive species

While there are many aquatic invasive species (AIS) that pose a risk to Alberta waters, quagga and zebra mussels (Dreissena rostriformis, Dreissena polymorpha) are a significant concern due to the threats they pose to water conveyance infrastructure and the aquatic environment. An economic impact assessment estimates annual costs to Alberta in the event of an invasive mussel infestation to be more than $75 million! While the initial focus of the AIS Program was dreissenid mussels, it is now multi-taxa in scope as the threat of other invasive species has become very real in Alberta. We’ve had to respond to various invasions, including Flowering Rush, Phragmites and even goldfish, a pet that should never leave your aquarium!
Sat April 29th - the first of the Learn to Fly Fish courses offered at the Queen Mary Park Hall and taught by Rick Lang and Ross Chow. See the Home page for more detail and sign up soon if you're interested in learning from two excellent and experienced teachers of the art. A repeat class is also available on May 6th.
There are more interesting programs coming up in May that you won't want to miss along with the Trout Unlimited Water Conservation Dinner and Auction on May 11th at the River Cree. Tickets online at http://tucanada.org/news-events
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