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2017 Boat And Sportsmen's Show

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Michael Dell organized a very successful Club presence at the Show this year with the help of 22 club volunteers and one son of a volunteer. Some provisional numbers:

19 club members provided about 190 hours of volunteer time at the tying booth. 320 young folk aged 3 to 55 signed in and tied a woolly bugger - some on a hook and some on a safety pin - and there were probably another dozen or so who tied but didn't sign. Parents and grandparents took lots of photos, no one I think stuck a hook in his or her finger, and there were lots of compliments and smiles.

In addition 3 other club members put in over 90 hours of volunteer time in setting up, working at and packing up the Lloyd Shea Memorial Conservation Fund bucket raffle with prizes donated by Show exhibitors. Final numbers not yet in but this raised about $2,750 for the club's conservation fund.

Another 35 volunteer hours went into selling fly boxes and raffle tickets on the bamboo rod donated by Don Andersen, and in promoting the club to passers-by, especially the Open House and the Fly Fishing courses.

More info to come as we finalize the numbers but we know that at this Show a lot of people came to know and appreciate some of the work that Northern Lights Fly Fishers/Trout Unlimited Edmonton does to promote the art of fly fishing and the conservation of freshwater fisheries.


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I think the weekend was very Successful!! Thanks to all the Volunteers who helped. I'm excited to see final numbers! It was a Busy and very exhausting weekend! Way to Go!!!

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